IRELAND 1916. Michael Wilde, just your average youngster – dance, drink, dames…
then the Easter Rebellion and Michael is sucked into the vortex of violence that ensues. Michael’s life is changed, changed utterly…

Hammer of God 

image001Deputy Joe Hammer always gets his man. The men he goes after are vicious thugs and killers. They normally come back slung over a saddle, dead. But after killing a group of merciless bandits, he’s had enough. Resigning his badge and riding south to Mexico, he hangs up his guns. But the peaceful life he was seeking is broken when notorious bandit Gomez Farias guns down his friends. Filled with anger for the injustice, the Hammer of God is roused, and Joe rides out on the vengeance trail…Hammer of God by Philip McCormac

Shooting Match

Shooting Match_LgeIn the area around Ayli Valley, Leonard Duke has been seizing all the cattle ranching land, bullying and stealing to get what he wants.  Oliver Lismore has fallen in with a bad crowd, and when Owen, his brother, confronts and humiliates him and his gunslinger sidekick, he decides to have his brother killed in revenge. Owen enters a boxing tournament not knowing that it has been fixed so that he won’t leave the ring alive. When he makes a narrow escape, the beautiful…

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Brothers in Arms

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Brothers In Arms_Lge
Butch Shilton is an out-of work-cowboy. Joe Peters is an out-of work-carpenter. After a series of skirmishes they both find themselves facing a ten-year stretch in prison. But before they can serve their time, fate takes a hand. Butch and Joe are caught between the law and the ruthless posse that hunts them. One choice: hunt, or be hunted…Brothers in Arms


51sgLw3Mu8L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_[1]   When the Mexican bandit General Rodriguez hangs Carson’s grandfather, the young man vows revenge. To help him to that end he joins the Texas Rangers. Their paths cross again when Carson is escorting a young Mexican heiress, Henrietta Xavier, to her home and Rodriguez kidnaps her. Rescuing the young heiress from the general’s clutches the ranger flees with Rodriguez hot in pursuit. Thrown on their own resources the youngsters make a desperate run for the border and safety…. READ MORE »


51qqTVupnNL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_[1]When Hal Grant’s father is killed in the street a full-blown war is set to explode. The wealthy ranchers of Lundon County are determined to take the law into their own hands and rid the county of the sharecroppers, nesters and sodbusters eking out an existence on the marginal lands. As the heir to the Big G, the richest ranch in the county, Hal should have sided with his fellow ranchers. But his sympathies are with the underdogs, for he does not believe in mob law and…



Not for nothing was Major Zacchaeus Wolfe known as the Grey Wolf during the Civil War. The Federal forces put a price on his head, but Wolfe didn’t go into hiding. When the war ends, however, the soldier tries to settle into the quiet life of a rancher. Wolfe aims to become a family, rather than fighting, man. But the bitterness of past conflicts will not die. A vengeful woman, Tamara, succeeds in having him thrown into prison for the killing of her sons… READ MORE »



The Wild West is about to get a lot wilder for cow-hand Leo Postlewaite. Falling in love with Imogen, the boss’s daughter, is just the just the start of things. Trouble begins to follow him around, like a hungry dog. Leo is exiled from his home and rides into Denton, where he gets into a shoot-out with the outlaw Ignacio McKenna. When McKenna escapes from custody he rides back to Leo’s old haunts and terrorises his adopted family. Imogen is then abducted. Leo… READ MORE »


Vengeance Unbound

There are some folk who label Russell Dane a coward – and some call him a murderer. The man who he should have fought in a duel wants him dead – and he’s not alone. The townsfolk want to see him hang and the outlaws he takes refuge with will kill Dane if he tries to leave. With so many of his enemies out for his blood the only option left to Dane is to fight. Before he can find peace he must go to war on all those seeking vengeance upon him…… READ MORE »


Paths of DeathHe had done with killing. That was all in the past. Zacchaeus Wolfe was now a peaceful dirt farmer. But the Kerfoots, a powerful landowning family, refuse to leave Wolfe in peace. His little farm does not fit into their plans. Old Man Barrett Kerfoot – and his five sons – control the range and the law. But they’re about to find out that they do not, nor cannot, control Zacchaeus Wolfe. Wolfe will only be pushed so far, before he begins to push back…. READ MORE »


son of a gun kindle

Cowboy Harry Grant faces problems with his son, Hal, after he falls in with the wrong crowd. But further trouble is on the horizon. Harrison Percy is about to settle on the range – and on Harry’s land. Violence, rather than diplomacy, will settle any dispute. Soon Percy calls in the Mortimers, a notorious gang of outlaws renowned for their brutality, to help him with his fight. But not all of the Grants and Percys are at war with each other. Hal falls for… READ MORE »


Tone Death Cover Large


When a high-profile solicitor to the terrorists of Belfast, Brian Devine, is murdered in front of his wife and children, Theobald Tone is called in to investigate. Hired by Devine’s sister-in-law, Selena, Tone finds himself the the receiving end of a lot of unwanted and violent attention. He becomes not only the target of rival gangs, but also of the local police force, who are angry that he is delving into Devine’s murder. He is being watched closely, and has… READ MORE »