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Gun Barrel Justice

Jason Connor, a wandering preacher, stumbles across a wagon and its dead occupants. He decides to deliver the only survivor, a young boy to his aunt and uncle. Before he can do so he has to shoot his way through the gang who committed the murders. When he comes upon the scene of a double
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Brothers in Arms

[Kindle Edition]

Butch Shilton is an out-of work-cowboy. Joe Peters is an out-of work-carpenter.

After a series of skirmishes they both find themselves facing a ten-year stretch in prison.
But before they can serve their time fate takes a hand.

A gang of outlaws ride into Empire Fastness Way Station and massacre the inhabitants.… Read the rest

Shooting Match

[Kindle Edition]

In the area around Ayli Valley, Leonard Duke has been seizing all the cattle ranching land, bullying and stealing to get what he wants.

Owen Lismore and his brother Oliver were left Ayli after their father died in a riding accident – a suspicious death, as he was a gifted rider.

Oliver … Read the rest

Vengeance Unbound

Hot off the press [Kindle]

There are some folk who label Russell Dane a coward – and some call him a murderer.

The man who he should have fought in a duel wants him dead – and he’s not alone.

The townsfolk want to see him hang and the outlaws he takes refuge with … Read the rest

Tone Death

…and that price is £2.99 at Amazon

When high-profile a solicitor to the terrorists of Belfast, Brian Devine, is murdered in front of his wife and children, Theobald Tone is called in to investigate.
Hired by Devine’s sister-in-law, Selena, Tone finds himself the the receiving end of a lot of unwanted and violent attention.… Read the rest

Son of a Gun [Kindle]

Republished for Kindle

Cowboy Harry Grant faces problems with his son, Hal, after he falls in with the wrong crowd.
But further trouble is on the horizon.
Harrison Percy is about to settle on the range – and on Harry’s land.
Violence, rather than diplomacy, will settle any dispute.
Soon Percy calls in the … Read the rest

Ayli Valley

Yes – different name – same Author!

Owen Lismore has to leave the lovely Rosalind behind when he goes on the run from his brother and the notorious gunman Josh Bassinet. But when Owen’s best friend is killed by Bassinet, he knows he can never rest easy while the gunman lives. Despite all the … Read the rest

Hal Grant’s War

More Grant Family Action


When Hal Grant’s father was bushwhacked in the street, it was the opening shot of a range war. Wealthy ranchers were determined to rid Lundon County of its sharecroppers and sodbusters eking out an existence in the marginal lands. Hal should have sided with his fellow ranchers, but he did … Read the rest

Son Of A Gun

Sequel to Hot Spur…

To the despair of wealthy rancher Harry Grant, his teenage son, Hal, is hanging out with a bunch of wrong’uns. But, it’s when the Percys arrive on the Big G range with a herd of longhorns that the real trouble begins. The Percys decide to settle on Grants land and, … Read the rest

Hot Spur

This is my first Western (published under pseudonym)

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