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Hal Grant’s War

More Grant Family Action


When Hal Grant’s father was bushwhacked in the street, it was the opening shot of a range war. Wealthy ranchers were determined to rid Lundon County of its sharecroppers and sodbusters eking out an existence in the marginal lands. Hal should have sided with his fellow ranchers, but he did … Read the rest

Son Of A Gun

Sequel to Hot Spur…

To the despair of wealthy rancher Harry Grant, his teenage son, Hal, is hanging out with a bunch of wrong’uns. But, it’s when the Percys arrive on the Big G range with a herd of longhorns that the real trouble begins. The Percys decide to settle on Grants land and, … Read the rest

Hot Spur

This is my first Western (published under pseudonym)

Read the rest
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