The Legend Of Keane O’Leary – hardback and eBook.
Ride The Dark Trail – eBook and Audio.

Exciting news – I have just signed the contract for my next BLACK HORSE WESTERN. QUIGLEY’S WAY.

A dying man, Peter Barker asks Sheriff Quigley to deliver a message to his family. Quigley does so, only to find himself the target of range baron Huston McRae. McRae has in his employ gunslingers and wanted men. He controls everything in Gila County, including the local sheriff and doesn’t want an outsider nosing around in his affairs. And above all he doesn’t want Quigley helping Noreen Barker, Peter Barker’s widow. McRae sends his bullyboys to give Quigley a beating and chase him off. When that doesn’t work he orders him killed. That was a big mistake.
Quigley sends for his deputy, Murray Fishbourne. Together they take on the gunslingers, the local sheriff and anyone else McRae cares to send against them. The bodies pile up as the fighting intensifies. Against such odds can Quigley and Murray survive?


PIONEER PRESS an offshoot of Endeavour are to publish my supernatural crime thriller:


During the terrible events in Ireland 1641 as Catholic and Protestant slaughter each other (has anything changed?) a demon, Laldaboth is imprisoned in a sacred vessel which is thrown into the River Bann at Portadown. Three hundred years later the demon uses an innocent nun and a corrupt priest to enable it to escape. In the meantime the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) as the police force was called then, are investigating the disappearance of young children.  An ailing priest returned from his missionary work abroad has the task of exorcising the demon. The climax as priest and demon battle it out is traumatic both for the protagonists and the reader.