As I sit here writing this out I wonder if I am in a real situation or perhaps in a dream. How in fact do I know that I am not in a very vivid dream? I do have experiences that I hold to be dreams and in those dreams the things that happen seem very real.

I walk in a field and hear birds singing. There is a hot sun warming my head and shoulders. Clouds drift across an azure blue sky. I come to a canal and sit on a bench and gaze into the murky water. A barge chugs past. The man at the tiller raises his hand in greeting. I wave back. It is all so real. I feel the sun, I listen to the stream. I acknowledge the bargee.

I take a stroll in the park. There are others in the park also, walking, talking, smoking feeding the ducks. Is this a dream or am I in real time? Which of those experiences is real? Which experience is true−the canal and the bargee or the park and the people in it.

I speak to my friend Mark and we discuss a trip to the cinema. We arrange a time in the future when we will go to watch a film. We sit in the theatre and watch the show unreel. I ask myself is the film real or is it a dream−am I in a real cinema, or am I dreaming I am here?

When I leave the theatre, what happens to the building? I can no longer see it. Does it still exist in time and space or was it all part of the dream, an illusion that I simulated. I have no way of knowing this. Is everything around me an illusion? I have begun to question my own senses. How do I know I even exist?

Many people believe in a supreme being they cannot see or know in any certain way. So if they believe in a god they cannot see or touch or hear, what other experiences are real or imaginary? When I close my eyes I can conjure up all manner of things.

I go to bed at night and fall asleep. I dream I meet my brother, Joe, who died some years ago. In the dream we go fishing and afterwards walk to the pub for a beer. Who was that person we buried in the earth? Did I dream that? Is the real Joe a cadaver being eaten by worms or is that Joe who walks in my dreams? I prefer the one in my dreams.

So is everything around me an illusion−a figment of my imagination. I do not really exist but have somehow managed to create this world, filled with friends and acquaintances and my family. My life is but a dream and I can dream up whatever I want only, perhaps my imagination is restricted in some way. I believe I must be flawed in some way for this life I have manufactured is not an ideal place.

Perhaps we are still in a turmoil of evolution and are but a bundle of primitive impulses; neither one thing nor the other, hovering between hallucination and a being of substance. Maybe when we evolve sufficiently we will be able to dream and live in the ideal world as we would like it to be. No more disease, no more death, no more wars.

I shall end this rumination with a quote by Mark Twain.

Philosophers have already cast much obscurity on this subject and if they continue their investigations we shall soon know nothing at all about it.

Or to put it more succinctly: Just when you think tomorrow will never come, it’s yesterday.


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