Philip McCormac was born in Ulster but now lives in England. When he first started writing he wrote short horror and also a series of articles on New Age Philosophy for now defunct magazine  ‘Burning Issues’. His stories were published in:- ‘Ireland’s Eye’. ‘Unhinged’ – ‘Visionary Tongue’All Hollows’. Humrous stories in ‘Drumcree News’ a magazine produced by the residents of the infamous Garvaghy Road in Portadown.♦

Philip wrote his first western Hot Spur using the pseudonym Elliot James which was his new grandson’s name. Black Horse accepted the book and since then Philip has had 19 westerns published under various pennames. Miscellaneous books also published are as follows:- Maclean, a crime thriller. Leaves of Blood American Civil War tale. After – Hot Spur came Son of a GunHal Grant’s WarAyli Valley as – Gary Astill, Zacchaeus Wolfe – under P.McCormac, TEXAS RENDEZVOUS – Gary Astill, VENGEANCE UNBOUND – Henry Christopher, CARSON’S REVENGE – Jim Wilson, MASSACRE AT EMPIRE FASTNESS – P.McCormac, HAMMER OF GOD, PATHS OF DEATH, CALEB BLOOD, WILD JUSTICE, HORNSTONE, GUN BARREL JUSTICE, DAYS OF DEATH, WAY OF THE LAWLESS (buy here) . And this year – QUIGLEY’S WAY, & THE LEGEND OF KEANE O’LEARY.
Recent Miscellaneous Westerns THE RATTLESNAKE KID – BROTHER’S BLOOD – RIDE THE DARK TRAIL The last three published by wordwooze. I am pleased to say and hope to publish more under their  logo.  A new werewolf novel BEHOWLS THE MOON published by airship 27 is now available.

I’ll keep writing while I can.