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My novelette now available from ‘THE SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES’  an offshoot of BARDS AND SAGES.. An alternative title might have been RATS ON THE RUN, as our furry friends flee from their most dangerous predator – Us… Read the rest


A dying man, Peter Barker asks Sheriff Quigley to deliver a message to his family. Quigley does so, only to find himself the target of range baron Huston McRae. McRae has in his employ gunslingers and wanted men. He controls everything in Gila County, including the local sheriff and doesn’t want an outsider nosing around Read the rest


Trouble follows cowhand Leo Postlewaite around, especially after he’s exiled from home. When vengeful outlaw Ignacio McKenna escapes from jail, he rides into town to terrorise Leo’s family and friends. Worse – when Leo’s girlfriend Imogen is kidnapped, he has no choice but to return home and face down his enemy with … Read the rest


Butch Shilton and Joe Peters are on the run and think to hide out in a quiet township. The sheriff finds them on a wanted poster and once again they have to hightail it. Trouble seems to follow the pals and they end up in the confines of the brutal Los Pecos penitentiary. Breaking out … Read the rest



Days of Death – It’s all in the title.

Elwood Black wants complete control over the gold mining community of Thomaston. He surrounds himself with killers such as Clive Carter, outlaw and deadly gunman and the Goliath-like pugilist, Sheriff Goran Ginsberg. He makes one fatal mistake—his man Carter kills Cyriac Halkias’ brother. Heavily scarred from Read the rest


rebellion by PhilipAt last it is here on amazon as an EBook.  Historical novel. Michael Wilde becomes involved with the 1916 Easter Rebellion.… Read the rest

As You Like It.

AYLI VALLEY COVER LGEThis novel, written under the pen name of Gary Astill, was based  on the Shakespeare play AS YOU LIKE IT. Hence acronym AYLI. Then published by Endeavour press as SHOOT OUT under my own name.… Read the rest

Gun Barrel Justice

Jason Connor, a wandering preacher, stumbles across a wagon and its dead occupants. He decides to deliver the only survivor, a young boy to his aunt and uncle. Before he can do so he has to shoot his way through the gang who committed the murders. When he comes upon the scene of a double
Read the rest

Brothers in Arms

[Kindle Edition]

Butch Shilton is an out-of work-cowboy. Joe Peters is an out-of work-carpenter.

After a series of skirmishes they both find themselves facing a ten-year stretch in prison.
But before they can serve their time fate takes a hand.

A gang of outlaws ride into Empire Fastness Way Station and massacre the inhabitants.… Read the rest

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